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Town Run 1

Pick-up & Drop OffAMPM
McMillian Park8:104:02
Lansdowne/Foster st8:134:01
Hutchison/Guthridge Pde8:144:00
Montgomery/Opp VaIette8:153:59
Montgomery/Patten St8:163:58
Montgomery/Somerton Pk8:183:57
Opp Lower Heart Road8:193:56
lnglis/Somerton Park Road8:203:55
lnglis/Patten sts8:213:54
Inglis/Canopus crt8:223:53
Guthridge/Opp Araluen Dr8:233:52
Guthridge/Opp Picton crt8:243:51
St Thomas/ Guthridge Pde8:25
Guthridge Campus8:263:45
Buckley/Dawson st8:273:48
Raglan/ Buckley st8:283:43
Sion/Raglan st8:303:40 - Codrington St
Raglan/Opp McGhee st8:323:39
Reeve/MacAlister8:343:30 - MacAlister st
Gippsland Grammar JNR3:363:20
Sale College MacAlister Campus3:383:31
Sale Primary School8:403:33

Town Run 2

Pick-up & Drop offAMPM
Reeve/MacAlister st8:333:40 - St Pats
Reeve/Stawell st8:353:39
Reeve/Simpson st8:373:38
McGhee/Raglan st8:383:37
McCole/Dawson st8:403:36
Sale College Guthridge Campus8:423:35
Guthridge/Stead st8:453:33
Sale Primary8:483:25
Sale College MacAlister Campus8:523:20
St Pats/St Mary Primary8:553:15

Please make sure you are at the stop 5 mins before pick-up time in the morning. Please be organised after School and ready when your bus arrives.